Troughtons Premium Tonics - 200mls

Armagh Cider Company & Troughtons Premium Collection: Invest Northern Ireland
  • Troughtons Premium Tonics - 200mls
  • Troughtons Premium Tonics - 200mls
Troughtons Premium Tonics - 200mls Troughtons Premium Tonics - 200mls

Premium Indian Tonic / Premium Indian Light - A classic, crisp, clean tonic that will lift your favourite tipple. Fresh sparkling County Armagh spring water is blended with the finest African Quinine to create a great tasting and refreshing tonic which will invigorate your spirits – perfect if it’s a classic G&T you crave. 

Contains no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives and with a light version also available, you can enjoy a guilt free tipple.  

Premium Ginger Ale - Our premium ginger ale blends sparkling County Armagh spring water with the finest ginger and a touch of fresh citrus to create a thoroughly delicious mixer to spice up all your cocktails and mocktails in one simple pour, giving you more time to enjoy life’s precious moments. Excite your taste buds – our premium ginger ale is refreshing, not too sweet, not too hot, just right and will lift your spirits.  With warming undertones, it is also equally delicious on its own as a refreshing long drink.

Refreshing Lemonade - We have blended fresh, sparkling County Armagh spring water with the best Sicilian lemon to create a balanced, refreshing lemonade that is naturally delicious. This deliciously zesty and thirst quenching traditional lemonade is the perfect partner for your premium spirits. As well as a luxurious cocktail or mocktail ingredient, our lemonade is an elegant and delightful soft drink to enjoy on its own.  

200ml x 24 cases and also 200ml x 4 pack x 6 per case



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