Runic Brooch

Amulet of Orkney Collection: Creative Orkney

Inspired by the famous runes inscribed by Viking Crusaders within Orkney’s massive Neolithic Tomb of Maes Howe. Some bawdy, some just plain impolite, these runes have given scholastic entertainment since they were discovered in the 1800’s and still do!

At around 5 to 7 cm in diameter they adorn tweeds, woollens and coat lapels beautifully.

Amulet of Orkney’s jewelry is made of fine hardwearing semi porcelain clay. It can look smooth and sophisticated when fully glazed. Where it is just coloured by the oxide, it has a rustic charm, which suits tweeds extremely well.

All of our jewelry comes in themed designs. If you choose the ‘Celtic’ range or the ‘Rennie Mackintosh’ for instance, we will send a selection of our patterns in varying colour-ways and designs. This is always popular, as it gives a wider, more satisfying choice for your customers. Of course, you can specify colours you like best and we will adhere to that for you.