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  • Orkney Gin Company/Orkney Spirits
  • Orkney Gin Company/Orkney Spirits
  • Orkney Gin Company/Orkney Spirits
Orkney Gin Company/Orkney Spirits Orkney Gin Company/Orkney Spirits Orkney Gin Company/Orkney Spirits

Orkney Spirits Limited created Orkney's first ever gins, and have also added Scotland's first Akvavit - Orkney Akvavit - to their award-winning offers. Within Orkney Akvavit's first year, it has won a prestigious three star Great Taste Award. Their traditional range derives from Orkney's rich history and folklore, using locally foraged and home grown botanicals in their spirits much like their Orcadian ancestors would in cooking and drinks making in the past.

Both bright, locally-foraged and fresh home-grown botanicals form the basis of Orkney Spirits Limited’s traditional, much loved range.

Orkney Spirits Limited came from a mutual enjoyment of gin back in 2014, and by 2016, Orkney Gin Company was finally formed. Orkney Gin Company was the first gin producer in Orkney, run on a very small scale from the Watt’s family home - producing two wonderful and unique gins, made using both traditional methods and innovative concepts which were new to Scotland.

Their Johnsmas and Mikkelmas Gins which are named after midsummer and harvest time are lovingly steeped in seven times distilled spirit for long periods of time, then hand bottled, hand labelled and boxed. Their Rhubarb Old Tom Gin which was released in 2017 is also created this way. It is inspired by Orkney’s much celebrated rhubarb plants, which grow very well in the harsh climate. With vast quantities of chopped Scottish rhubarb steeped for several weeks, Rhubarb Old Tom gives that fresh zing which many gin enthusiasts enjoy.

Each year Orkney Spirits Limited has picked up a spectacular number of awards ranging from many global gold awards for their Johnsmas including 'Best in UK' and gold in the World Gin Awards, Mikkelmas grabbed several awards including a highly sought after two star Great Taste Award, and Rhubarb Old Tom has picked up numerous awards, following it's slightly older sibling, Johnsmas's footsteps with a gold in the World Gin Awards. Now, Orkney Akvavit jumps into 'first place' with a famous three star Great Taste Award and several others although incredibly new to the market.

In 2020, Orkney Spirits Limited released Scotland’s first ever Akvavit – Orkney Akvavit – a Scandinavian style distilled spirit inspired by Orkney’s Norse past. Each of Orkney Spirits Limited’s offerings are a must try, with smooth texture and quality from many distillations and vibrant flavour notable in the first sip. Their Orkney Akvavit is certainly worth a try even based on the fact it’s the first ever Scottish Akvavit made using the experience Orkney Spirits Limited have gained from the creation of their multi award winning gins. It is loved by countless Scandinavian Akvavit drinkers, and many of their gin drinking customers too.



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