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Mail Order Boxes Mail Order Boxes Mail Order Boxes

Bespoke made for you from only 1000 boxes, sturdy one-piece mailing boxes in the '0426' or '0427' style are a fantastic way to promote your business and make an instant impact as soon as it arrives with your customer by post or courier, safely and securely delivered. Set up costs are fixed so you know exactly what you are spending.

Minimum order:  from only 1000 boxes.

Board grades available: We suggest 125K/B/125T as a decent starting point. We offer 125gsm, 150gsm, 200gsm, 250kgsm white or brown kraft and all flutes. B flute is the most popular for mailing boxes as it offers superb rigidity.

Sizes available: Any size you like, although there are some popular sizes such as 300mm x 200mm x 75mm which fits through the Royal Mail as a packet rather than a parcel, keeping your postage costs to a minimum.

Board colour choices: Brown or white although we can print the box all over any colour you like. 

Finishes: matte or gloss laminate and digital full-colour printing all possible. We can also offer additional security features such as a peel-off strip seal for example.



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