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  • Juco Carrier Bags
  • Juco Carrier Bags
Juco Carrier Bags Juco Carrier Bags Juco Carrier Bags

Bespoke made for you from only 500 bags, stunning quality laminated Juco elevates a bag to a different level. Made of a mix of jute and cotton, this material gives the strength and appearance of jute and the smoothness of cotton making it fabulous to print on.  We have a brilliant reputation and supply many UK based marketing & packaging companies.

Minimum order: From 500 bags.

Juco grades available: We offer one grade, it is the highest quality available. It can be laminated or non-laminated but we recommend lamination because it extends the lifespan of your bag and makes it look less floppy and better quality.

Sizes available: Any size or shape you like. 

Handle choices: Cotton round stuffed, cotton flat tape, super thick knotted, wound thick rope through the jumbo eyelet, standard cotton rope with eyelets, jute tape, cotton webbing, leatherette, bamboo, cane rod. 

Material colours: Natural but for a minimum order of 1000 bags we can dye it to any colour you like. We can make the whole bag a coloured juco, have different coloured sides, coloured binding edges or sewn on panels of coloured juco to add interest with hardly any extra cost.

Special finishes: Poppers, fasteners, zips, velcro, ribbons, PVC pockets & windows, chink proof dividers.



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