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Fluke Jewellery Fluke Jewellery Fluke Jewellery

Fluke Jewellery specializes in Marine & Wildlife jewellery & marine sculptures.

The gallery & workshop are based in Birsay overlooking the beautiful Brough & bay of Birsay. This view overlooks the passage of whales, dolphins etc. See our 'Sightings ' page on our website for more information.

Roger designs & makes his jewellery based on dolphins,whales & other forms of wildlife. One of the things that sets Roger's jewellery apart is that he makes 'Flukes' specific to the species.

His jewellery also consists of seahorses, the enigmatic shape of the eagle ray to name but a few. More recently he has added the loveable puffin & the wildness of the hare.

The 'cowrie shell' collection or as Orcadians call it 'the groatie buckie ' has grown in popularity. Known as Orkney's 'Lucky shell ' because it isn't easy to find, it symbolises 'Good fortune'.

Roger also hand makes marine sculptures using copper, sterling silver, rock from Orkney 's rugged coastline & where possible driftwood.



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