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Printed counter bags are the bags that come in direct contact with food, whether it be bread rolls or meat in a butchery. We are extremely competitively priced for branding these bags and offer LDPE or HDPE. They are tailored to your exact requirements, with or without lips, and are packed in a handy card backed dispenser packs.

Minimum order: 50,000 - 100,000 usually depending on the bag size. But they are so cheap per bag there's no point looking at any fewer. Far East production, fully food-grade certified.

Film grades available: We suggest 10 micron HDPE or 20mu LDPE as a minimum film grade for printing on. The thickest film we can seal is 125mu.

Sizes available: Any size you like, though there are popular sizes such as 250mm x 300mm for example.

Bag colour choices: They start off clear if LDPE and semi-translucent is HDPE but we can extrude them any colour you fancy.