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  • Cotton Carrier Bags
  • Cotton Carrier Bags
Cotton Carrier Bags Cotton Carrier Bags Cotton Carrier Bags

Bespoke made for you from only 250 bags, the epitome of "eco-friendly" carriers but why does that have to mean boring?! Let us design you a unique cotton carrier bag to keep & re-use over and over again. Our prices are unbeatable & give excellent value for money.

Minimum order: From only 250 bags.

Cotton grades available : 4oz, 5oz, 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 18oz & 20oz. We offer pre-washed fabric to avoid shrinkage - standard cotton will shrink in a normal 40 wash unless pre-washed.

Sizes available: Any size or shape you like. Flat, side gusset, square base, rounded and shaped... it's all possible.

Handle choices: Cotton round stuffed, cotton flat tape, cotton looped, super thick knotted, wound thick rope through the jumbo eyelet, standard cotton rope with eyelets, cotton webbing, leatherette etc.

Material colours: Our mill stocks natural coloured material and will dye it to any colour you like for orders of 1000 bags or more. Heavier canvas materials of 10oz or more can have a lower minimum order for a small premium. We can make the whole bag coloured cotton, have different coloured sides, coloured binding edges or sewn on panels of coloured cotton to add interest with hardly any extra cost.

Special finishes: Poppers, fasteners, zips, velcro, ribbons, PVC pockets & windows, chink proof dividers.



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