Genesis Bakery

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Genesis Bakery

Welcome to Genesis – the place where we make, bake, shape, flip, roll, knead, stretch and generally craft delicious things.

For us, baking is the perfect mix of creativity and science. We use only the finest quality ingredients, combined together with care and attention and then baked in precisely the right heat for exactly the right time.

We are a craft bakery, which means that we still have bakers kneading, rolling and piping by hand, that’s why we can create the fabulous treats which we all love to eat.

Other people like what we do too, so although you probably know that you can buy Genesis products in your friendly local retailer, what you might not know is that we also make a lot of delicacies for retailers such as Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, which are then sold all over the world!

You need to have really high standards to do that and a true pride in what you do and that’s what our team have got.

That’s why we put a name on every box of Afters, so you know who baked them.


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  • Delicious, moist, mini vanilla cupcakes decorated with dainty, hand piped buttercream roses. Perfect for an afternoon tea treat.
  • Melt-in-the-mouth, all-butter pastry tartlets bursting with zingy lemon curd, blackcurrant and raspberry jams and topped with smooth buttercream, silky icing, delectable meringue and crumbled, freeze- ...
  • Soft, fluffy, moist sponge cushions dipped in silky icing and chocolate vermicelli.  The perfect reason to put the kettle on!
  • Luscious, cushiony, chocolate sponges topped with either a rich, salted-caramel buttercream and a caramel-filled button or with fluffy, cookie-crumb buttercream and crushed biscuit.  Spoilt for choice ...
  • Delicate, buttery pastry filled with rich, melt-in-the mouth sponge and a fruity, raspberry jam.  Perfect with a cuppa!
  • You choose! Soft, moist, butter sponges filled with zingy strawberry jam and a velvety buttercream or rich, lemon sponges topped with tangy lemon icing.
  • Northern Irish bakery Genesis has partnered with the Great Irish Bake Off winner Stephen Chisholm to create a cake range.
  • ‘Afters, by Genesis’ comes in packs of four to nine personal sized buns and pastries that combine all the baked goodness synonymous with the brand, including fluffy sponges, rich, velvety buttercream ...
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