Dragonfly Dichroic

Dragonfly Dichroic

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Working from her garden studio, Ann hand cuts and fuses a range of bright fused glass pieces. She tends to work with Scottish themes but is always up for a challenge and loves to put a personal twist on a range if you'd like something just for you.

We were delighted when, in the midst of all the darkness that was 2020, the new gift set of 2 teeny rainbows won the new Gift of Hope award..... just the wee boost of hope we needed. 


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  • The new limited edition range glows with colour when placed near a window, with the tall curve being this season's new shape. Our curves and waves all come boxed without plastic and are available with ...
  • Building on our award winning croft collection, we'd like to introduce the limited edition range. We hope you're as obsessed with the teeny tiny little sheep as Ann is. The range includes the new long ...
  • This season, we have added a blue background to our popular new bee range so you can choose between bright or clear. The single bee hangings was one of our top sellers last year ....much to the deligh ...
  • Just busy and buzzing with colour,  these pieces features a teeny bee who's not hanging about for long. And, of course, you can't beat a teeny, tiny, tactile key-ring
  • We needed a wee shot of sunlgiht here in Clackmannan so Ann made us some.     Available as a window hanging and a free standing curve these are a new favourite. The rainbow cloud hanging is available ...
  • The new raindrops are what happens when a storm comes to an end ....we hope. Available in curves, coaster and mini dishes as well but full range shown in the price list.
  • Last Summer, in the midst of the darkness, we were delighted when our double rainbow of hope set won the new Gift of Hope award from the Gift of the Year award. The set of teeny rainbows is irresistib ...
  • Our Robin collection was introduced last winter and we have been asked if this will be available all year. We have introduced the robins on a blue background in a double hanging, curve and platter. 
  • Due to demand, we have decided to make our super cute Robin hangings available all year. Supplied in a voile bag they are hard to resist. This season we are introducing our robins on blue in mini dish ...
  • Dragonflies are a theme Ann returns to again and again.  This season, we introduce our new contemporary dragonfly hangings on a blue background. Available as a single, double or new triple they have j ...
  • There is something deliciously sheer about the new dragonfly tall curves but they are surprisingly robust. The coasters and mini dishes could packed in white boxes so are plastic free.  
  • Our puffin collection continues to be one of our top selling lines. The curves are available as large or mini versions and in a rainbow selection of colours. The platters are a statement piece which a ...
  • Coasters, coasters, coasters...... lovely to make and a top seller.     Our single hangings are popular and available in a rainbow selection of colours.          
  • Our contemporary thistle collection launched last Spring and was very well received.     if you're looking for a clean, modern, Scottish look then this is the range for you!    
  • A lovely textured piece, the single classic thistle continues to be one of our top sellers. As do our mini dishes and coasters but I might have mislaid the photos for now ......but the large curve and ...
  • Lovely to cut and lovely to fire....especially as their little faces look different every time. The single hanging comes in a little voile bag and is hard to resist.
  • Our coo collections comes in classic brown and rainbow brights .....with both selling equally well.     Not shown are the mini dish and the coaster which come in a white card box.       
  • Everyone had a hero product that sells and sells and sells. our heart collection is one of those ....timeless but fresh
  • Our Croft range started with the mini wave in 2018. An instant classic as it comes in a white postal tube.    The range now includes mini dishes, coasters, curves large and mini, picture frames and si ...
  • Retro hearts are delicious ly smooth but tactile. Oddly reminiscent of spangles these continue to be a top seller.
  • Special Offer: 6 free mini dishes with £500 order


    Add 6 free mini dishes at £500
    This offer is only available at the show
    Offer expires on: 31-Jan-2021
  • Special Offer: 6 free hangings over £350


    Spend more than £350 to receive 6 free hangings
    Offer expires on: 31-Jan-2021
  • Special Offer: Free delivery with spend of £250


    Spend £250 to receive free delivery
    This offer is only available at the show
    Offer expires on: 31-Mar-2021
  • Our popular and award winning rainbow collection continues to delight.
  • Our new brochure... introducing our limited edition crofts, bees on blue and new dragonflies as well as some sunshine!    
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