Contact Grills (Pocklington)

Contact Grills (Pocklington)


Many of you may not have discovered our amazing cooking grill systems but once you have experienced what it can achieve it becomes unforgettable and potentially one of your main pieces of catering equipment. 

The grills allow operations to cook to order a wide variety of product lines from bacon to burgers, chicken fillets to toasted sandwiches, steaks to omelettes, fried eggs to Paninis, crepes to black puddings.  The list is not exhaustive 

Our Best Three words to describe the grills

Variety, Performance & Speed 

Please watch our product in action by clicking on any of the videos in our Video Lists. 


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Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

  • The CG-1S  
  • We have supplied this Oil Spray to accompany our grill units as our customer base has found it to be the best. It is a Gluten-Free rapeseed oil-based spray and is excellent at working at a high-temper ...
  • All accessories are included with every new grill purchase.  Additional accessories can also be purchased as an individual item if required. 
  • Want to Know More ? 
  • A quick introduction to what the grill is about. Watching this short video could help you generate ideas.    Any questions at all then please simply contact the exhibitor using the button provided. 
  • Cooking Time 20-25 Seconds,  "The Money Press Trick"
  • Bacon time can be adjusted to suit the desirability of the colouring of the bacon along with the thickness of the product. Most thick-cut bacon can take 45 seconds - 1.30 minutes..  
  • Two good portions of french possible per cooking surface.  Piping hot from frozen.  Desirability adjustable by simply increasing the time on the grill unit.  Potatoe wedges are also possible with the ...
  • This Demonstration shows how steaks and keeps them juicy and succulent.  The grill plates even lock in the flavour, nutrition and visually hardly shrink.  The general rule of thumb with timing is  The ...
  • A Grooved top plated grill unit in action illustrating how quickly it can produce bread products. Service after service after service, on a constant time without slowing down. 
  • Biscuits & Bakery
  • Confectionery, Crisps & Snacks
  • Food Service
  • Meat & Fish
  • Sauces, Oils & Vinegars
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