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Christopher Trotter Cook Books

Christopher Trotter

I am a chef and food writer and love cooking the seasons. I also like to use produce from my own country. My previous cook books have been based on Scottish food and whole animal cooking. This series of  vegetable cook books aims to provide ideas and recipes for a variety of vegetables  They make great gifts and sell well in in a variety of outlets. I also provide food tours and workshops do get in touch if you have any questions. 



Upper Largo
United Kingdom

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  • A fun book with serious intent. Recipes ostensibly written by Mungo Trotter, the Jackadoodle belonging to Caroline and Christopher Trotter, photographer and food writer and his mummy Tilly, Lots of gl ...
  • This beautifully packaged set of books comes bound in colourful presentation string and is a set of six of my little vegetable cook books. You can choose which six you want from the seven currently pu ...
  • Broccoli is the seventh little vegetable cook book that I have written and has 30 recipes for the wonderful brassica, complete with a colour picture of the completed dish. An ideal gift for a cook or ...
  • Kale is a classic Scottish vegetable often spelt Kail it has traditionaly been the basis of a broth or soup. This book has 30 varied recipes soem traditional some modern some raw! each with its own co ...
  • Cauliflower is one of 7 books I have written on vegetable cooking. It has 30 recipes for Cauliflower each with a colour photgraph of the completed dish. There are notes on buying and storage, it makes ...
  • Courgette has 30 recipes for the given vegetable each with a colour photograph of the finsihed dish, there are tips on growing and storing. Its part of a series of 7 vegetable cook books I have writte ...
  • Tomato is one of 7 little vegetable cook books that I have written. It has 30 recipes for the vegetable ( well it's a fruit really!) each with its own colour photograph. There are also nutritional and ...
  • Carrot is one of a range of 7 lttle vegetable cook books that I have written, it has 30 recipes using carrot and each one has a colour photograph of the finished dish. There is also information on sto ...
  • Beetroot is a little vegetable cook book containing 30 recipes each with a colour photo of the completed dish. There is information on nutrition storage and seaonality. Part of a set of books, pefect ...
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