Bumble Wrap

Bumble Wrap

Bumble Wrap has been manufacturing Beeswax Wraps for over three years and was born out of our need to make sustainable changes to our everyday lives. As more and more people have become consious of the small changes we can all make, beeswax wraps have grown in popularity.  And we are committed as a company to continuing to offer solutions and alternatives to our everyday. The game changer for beeswax wraps is that they keep food fresher than the cling-film alternative. Our wraps help protect and preserve food, reducing home food waste. 

Better for the planet and better for your food.

We have grown in these last 2 years and now support over 150 stockists throughout the UK and Europe. 

Simply wrap, wash and reuse.


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  • Pack contains 2 Bumble Bags: 22 x 24 and 19 x 20cm Available in the following designs - Orange/lemon and butterflies and whales Our sandwich and snack bags are a new product for this year.  All the be ...
  • Bumble Wrap single roll is a 25 x 25cm wrap rolled around a single bee home.  The wrap is large enough to cover a bowl or wrap cheese or a slice of cake. The bee home inside can be hung on a tree in t ...
  • Bumble Wrap Bread wrap is HUGE.  At 50 x 50cm this wrap will easily cover a large loaf of bread.  Perfect for keeping that artisan loaf fresh, if it lasts that long. Perfect for covering a left over c ...
  • Bumble Wrap Midi pack contains 2 wraps, 35 x 35cm and 25 x 25cm. The perfect lunch pack for school, work or a picnic. 35cm will easily hold 2 large sandwiches or wrap a bunch of kale or brocolli.  Mak ...
  • The Assorted Kitchen pack contains 3 wraps to cover all your food wrapping needs.  A number of designs are available.  Each pack contains: 40 x 40cm wrap - perfect for wrapping a small loaf of bread, ...
  • The perfect selection of our different sized packs including: 15 assorted packs (each pack containing 3 wraps) 15 midi packs (each pack containing 2 wraps) 6 bread wraps 10 rolls (25 x 25 cm wrap) A v ...
  • Bumble Wrap Beeswax wrap STARTER box
    The perfect selection of each of our packs including a variety of coordinating designs
    This offer is only available at the show
    Offer expires on: 30-Apr-2021
  • Using Bumble wrap couldnt be easier
  • Recording of Bumble Wrap's Live Presentation for STF Online Live Sessions.
  • Recording of Bumble Wrap's Live Presentation for STF Online Live Sessions.
  • Cheese & Dairy
  • Organic, Ethical & Vegan
  • Gift Food & Cookbooks
  • Packaging, Display & EPOS
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